Palm Pre Syncs With iTunes, No Hassle Required


By Chris Scott Barr

There’s no denying that iTunes is one of the more popular music players out there. This of course makes things easy for iPhone users such as myself, since there’s no real hassle when importing your tracks. Unfortunately the iPhone is really the only phone that plays nice with Apple’s music player. (Yes, I’m choosing to ignore the very existence of the motoROKR, and for good reason)

Well we know that Palm is trying to edge into some of Apple’s market share with the Pre, and it seems that they’ve found one place to hit them. It seems that the Pre will in fact sync iTunes straight out of the box. For those on the fence, this could be something to push them towards Palm’s flagship phone. The only downside is that you won’t have access to music purchased through the Apple Music that’s still infested with DRM (which shouldn’t be an issue for music purchased now, as it is DRM-free).

VIA [ Fortune ]