Paint Thickness Tester Helps You Spot A Lemon

Paint Thickness Tester (Images courtesy Westfalia)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are a few online tools you can use to help you determine if a used car is a lemon or not, but here’s one you can actually carry on your keychain. The Paint Thickness Tester does pretty much just that. The probe on one end allows you to determine if there are irregularities in the paintwork on a car, which will tell you if the vehicle still has it’s original paintjob or if the bodywork has had extensive, but well-hidden repairs.

Place the test probe on the car roof, for example. By pressing a button, the paint thickness tester will store this paint thickness as a reference value. Now, by placing the test probe on any part of the vehicle body, you can compare it with this value. You will immediately determine whether parts of the body have been replaces or repainted and if the purchase price is suitable.

The tester runs about $20 from so it’s not a terribly expensive tool if you’re trying to avoid being ripped off by the stereotypical used car salesman.

[ Paint Thickness Tester ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

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  1. Actually, the worst part is when the paint fades. Because all paints fade at a different rate, even if half of the car is painted up to the seams, say, the new paint and original paint will be different colors in a couple of years. That’s why I tend to buy refrigerator-white cars; the white paints do not fade as quickly. . .

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