Painful To Watch McLaren F1 Crash Test

McLaren F1 Crash Test (Images courtesy Motor Industry Research Association)
By Andrew Liszewski

For auto-enthusiasts it’s pretty heart-breaking to see when a rare sports car like a Ferrari Enzo gets totaled in a crash. But many people forget that before these vehicles can be sold to the public they need to undergo safety testing. And unfortunately these tests usually leave the vehicles in a write-off condition.

Here’s a rare video of a McLaren F1 undergoing a crash test at the Motor Industry Research Association facility in England. Even though it’s being driven into a concrete wall at 40 mph fans of the car will be pleased to see how well the carbon fiber chassis actually holds up. In fact reading up on the test it seems that had it not been for a dummy engine being used the car would have actually been drivable after the crash. I guess when you drop a million dollars on a ride you get what you pay for.

The actual crash test video is available after the jump but be forewarned – it’s not easy to watch a car of this caliber being destroyed.

[ Autoblog – McLaren F1 crash test ] VIA [ Motor Authority ]

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  1. I noticed that there are no air bags. I think it has a 5 point harness but to drive this thing in the US wouldn’t they be required? I have one on order and I’ll be bummed if I get it and I can’t even drive it on the streets.

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