PackPoint Makes Packing As Simple and Easy As Possible


Want to know what kind of person someone is? Just look at his friends, what he eats, what he wears, how he treats others, what he spends his money on–and how he packs. For example, if he just throws stuff in at the last minute, then you can probably say he’s a reckless (and perhaps adventurous) type of guy. If he makes extensive lists and packs several days before his trip, then you can say he’s a neat and orderly guy who likes being organized.

Whichever type of person or packer you are, there’s an app called PackPoint that can help you out.

It’s not like usual packing apps that merely ask you to create lists based on frequently-packed travel essentials. Rather, it’s an interactive packing app that takes note of your gender, destination, trip duration, and agenda to come up with a custom packing list. It even takes note of the weather at your destination and activities that you might go for to suggest additional stuff to pack.

PackPoint is available for download for Android and BlackBerry.

VIA [ Laughing Squid ]