Pac-Man Skeleton Seems Fairly Accurate

Pac-Man Skeleton (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

On the left is a model of Pac-Man’s skeleton as conceived by artist ‘Le Gentil Garçon’ in collaboration with François Escuilié. François is a palaeontologist and the extrapolation of Pac-Man’s skeleton was derived from the observation of human and various predatory animal skulls. And probably a few hours of playing the original Pac-Man game.

On the right is a studio portrait I recently took of Pac-Man to be used in an upcoming Time Magazine article chronicling his rise to fame in the 80’s as well as his recent hardships. When you look at the two side-by-side you really get a sense of just how accurate the skeleton model is. Of course in the studio portrait Pac-Man still has his lips which is why his teeth are only visible on the skeleton.

And if you think the Pac-Man skeleton would make a morbid addition to your gaming room I’m sorry to say it doesn’t appear to be available for sale. However copies of my Pac-Man portrait are. (Including the unprocessed RAW versions of the photos.) Just email us with your order requests.

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