Pac Man Rug Perfect for 30 Year Old Kids

Pac Man Carpet (Image courtesy Our Childrens Gorilla)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s kind of weird to think that a video game I played over 20 years ago would not only be used as a design inspiration for a rug, but that rug would actually be something I’d consider buying for my home. This hand-woven Pac Man themed carpet (as the website refers to it) was made in Portugal from 100% wool and is actually one of only two in existence.

And even though it’s apparently such a rare item it’s actually available for sale from Our Childrens Gorilla for about $1,800 which is not that bad given it could almost be considered a piece of art. And it makes me wonder if in another 20 years I’d find a BioShock themed rug just as appealing. (Probably not.)

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