Ozaki iCoat Finger Case Packs Tiny Stylus For Your iPhone

By David Ponce

Steve Jobs is rolling around in his grave, we’re sure. But the Ozaki iCoat Finger case for the iPhone 4/4S will certainly interest any of the millions of people now playing Draw Something. See, it packs a stylus, all the while protecting your precious mobile from damage. Some might argue that half the fun of the game is to see what kind of drawings you can achieve while limited by your finger’s awkwardness. Others however take the game pretty seriously and would consider it a boon to be able to produce anything more than barely recognizable squiggles.

The fact that the stylus docking area at the back protrudes like that does mean that you won’t be able to lay your phone flat on a surface anymore, although the tradeoff appears to be “better grip” while using the stylus. We’re unconvinced. But hey, screw Steve Jobs’ visions: a stylus on your iPhone!

It’s $41.

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