Own A Piece Of TV History – GOB’s Segway

Gob's Segway (Image courtesy Fox)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though a good majority of the props used on the show have already been sold off and the cast has moved onto other projects I will still keep up hope that one day ‘Arrested Development’ aka ‘The Greatest Live-Action Sitcom Of All Time’ might someday return.

Well in yet another AD prop auction the actual Segway that Will Arnett’s character GOB used to ride around on in the show is now up for bidding. The Segway comes with all the usual accessories including charger and keys but also includes the custom-stitched ‘GOB’ travelling bag also seen in the show. If there are any ‘Arrested Development’ fans reading this who are also looking for a good deal on a used Segway I think this might be your best option.

At the time of writing the current bid is $1,225 and not surprisingly the reserve has not been met.

[GOB’s Screen-Used Segway on ebay] VIA [Tech Digest]

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