Overengineered Much? The Svørn Arcus Is The “Lamborghini Of Carabiners”


Are you into carabiners? Like, really into carabiners? Then, boy, do we have the carabiner for you. The Svørn Arcus is an admittedly novel looking carabiner made from a type of Zinc alloy, making it pretty light (40g) and supposedly quite strong. Not strong enough to go mountain climbing, mind you. The company specifies it’s meant to carry keys only. And that’s fine, we suppose. It’s finished in a type of coating called Chrome Noir, and will set your bank account a very questionable $40. That’s a lot of dollars for a carabiner, but then again, we like to write about items that are grossly overpriced.



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1 thought on “Overengineered Much? The Svørn Arcus Is The “Lamborghini Of Carabiners””

  1. No thanks. I’ll stick with the $6.95 Black Diamond, which, in an “oh s##t!” MacGyver moment, can actually be used for climbing. Or, as I learned in France, aluminum knuckles.

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