OTTO Hears All


By Evan Ackerman

Making small things big is always looks cool, so why not try a different sensory profile and make quiet things loud? That’s the idea behind OTTO, which is a speaker system of sorts that takes things that are normally inaudible and amplifies them into ambient sound. A glass of ice water? A goldfish bowl? Just stick OTTO’s polymer piezoelectric contact mic on any surface and listen in. The speaker module looks to be battery powered, and can be attached to just about any surface with a combination of suction cups and magnets. It also looks like there are separate adjustments for both mic sensitivity and speaker output… But, it’s not yet being produced. We’ve admired designer Duncan Wilson’s work before, in the form of Pixelnotes, which are also (as far as I know) not yet being produced. I, for one, hope that some of his stuff actually hits the market.

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