Osim Nioi Alarm Clock Concept Uses Smells Instead Of Sounds

Osim Nioi Alarm Clock Concept (Image courtesy Alfie Lake)
By Andrew Liszewski

I wonder if historians in the future will look back on these times as the renaissance for alarm clocks? It seems almost every day there’s a different model popping up that uses some clever trick to get you out of bed in the morning. Today we have the Osim Nioi alarm clock concept which was designed by Alfie Lake. Instead of using a loud buzzing or beeping sound to basically shock you out of a comfortable sleep in the morning (usually putting you in a bad mood) the Osim Nioi releases pleasurable scents, like the smell of freshly baked bread, to wake you up.

In fact the Osim Nioi goes one step further and allows for up to 3 different scent cartridges that can actually be used to give you a more relaxing sleep. For example, in addition to your 7:30am fresh bread wake up call, you can also set the clock to release a lavender scent at midnight, which supposedly calms the body and increases the amount of time you spend restfully sleeping. While I like the idea, I know that the smell of fresh bread isn’t enough to bring me out of my dormant coma in the morning. However, I imagine something that smelled a bit more unpleasant might actually do the trick.

[ Osim Nioi Alarm Clock ] VIA [ The Design Blog ]

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