Orphis X9050 Color Copier Is The World’s Fastest At 150 Sheets Per Minute

Orphis X9050 (Image courtesy Riso)By Andrew Liszewski

I really don’t follow the world of color photo copiers enough to know if Riso’s claim that their new Orphis X9050 is indeed the world’s fastest, but having used some particularly slow office copiers in my day, I’ll admit that 150 sheets per minute does sound pretty impressive. Of course if you want that double-sided, the print speed is halved to 75 sheets per minute.

And as usual, buying the world’s fastest anything will cost you, and the Orphis X9050 comes with a rather steep price tag of just over $46,000. On top of that the ink ‘cartridges’ are around $400 a piece, or $1,600 for a complete CMYK set. But if your budget doesn’t allow for such speed, you can always opt for the Orphis X7250 model which can only handle about 120 copies per minute but comes with a more reasonable $35,500 price tag.

[ Riso Orphis X9050 ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]