Orishiki Suitcase (Images courtesy Naoki Kawamoto)

Origami Suitcase Designed For Bizarro World Overhead Compartments

Orishiki Suitcase (Images courtesy Naoki Kawamoto)
By Andrew Liszewski

This origami-looking suitcase is actually called the ‘Orishiki’ by designer Naoki Kawamoto, and is a combination of the word origami, and the Japanese word furoshiki, which is used to describe a large piece of cloth that is folded to carry oddly shaped items. And that’s exactly how the Orishiki works. Inside it’s got straps and elastics to hold all of your items in place, but instead of unzipping it when you get to your travel destination, you basically just unfold it.

It’s also got a hidden set of retractable wheels in there somewhere, and above all will be particularly easy to spot on the luggage carousel. However, it doesn’t look like it’s that easy to wrestle into a plane’s overhead compartment, and as one commenter on designboom accurately puts it: “…it would appear to be an open space generator in aircraft holds as well as any other cargo storage area…”

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