Orange To Launch Their Power Pump Cell Charger At Glastonbury 2009

Orange Power Pump (Images courtesy Orange)
By Andrew Liszewski

Headed to Glastonbury this year but worried your cellphone’s battery won’t go the mile? (Or kilometer I guess.) Well once again Orange’s got you covered. Last year they provided cellphone recharging services via their Dance Charger and Recharge Pod tent, but this year they’ll be introducing the Power Pump. It’s basically a compact generator that features a turbine driven by a standard air bed foot pump. So in the amount of time it takes to inflate a pillow, you can generate enough power to make a 5-minute call on your cellphone.

Sadly there’s no word on if or when the Power Pump will be available for sale, so let’s hope the idea goes over really well at the festival.

[ PR – Give it some welly! Orange launches the Power Pump charger for Glastonbury 2009 ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]