Optoma’s 100 Inch BigVision Is Upgradable, Lovable

optoma bigvision hdbv3100By David Ponce

We’ve talked about Optoma in the past. We kind of like them. They make innovative products with features not commonly found in consumer electronics these days. Take for instance their Bigvizion HDBV3100, a 100 inch rear projection DLP HDTV with the notable feature of being upgradable. Yeah, that’s right. So, even though you’ll probably have to mortgage the kids to own this $30K set, your wallet can rest a little more soundly knowing that “[a]s the technology changes or chipsets are improved, it’s a simple matter to replace them, from chips in the scaler to new chips from Texas Instruments.” Sure, Panasonic may be starting production on their 103 inch plasma, but those extra three inches would cost you about $40,000 more, and that set’s not even upgradable.

Specs on the BigVision are more than decent. First of all, the entire setup is meant to be encased in your wall. Installation is supposedly fairly straightforward and only requires you to make a big hole in your drywall, something we know you’re yearning to do anyway (who isn’t?). Then, the HDBV3100 will deliver native 1080p resolution at a claimed contrast ratio of 10,000:1, and in the words of the reviewer: “with regular room lighting, the images were still bright, crisp, and robust.”

For a thorough review of the BigVision HDBV3100, follow the link love.

[DigitalTrends Reviews The BigVision HDBV3100] VIA [I4U]

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