OptiWind Mouse Keeps Your Hand Nice And Cool

OptiWind Mouse

By Luke Anderson

There’s nothing worse than having sweaty palms when you’re stuck working at your computer for long hours. Naturally, your mouse and keyboard tend to get a bit slippery with sweat, and it makes your work go so much slower. That’s why some of you will love this OptiWind Mouse which features an internal cooling system.

Inside the mouse you will find a small cooling fan which will circulate air up towards the palm of your hand. This should be enough to keep even the sweatiest palm dry. They even take advantage of the holes in the top by adding in some cool LED lights. If you have a problem with a sweaty mousing hand, you can pick one of these up for just $22.

[Brando] VIA [SlipperyBrick]

4 thoughts on “OptiWind Mouse Keeps Your Hand Nice And Cool”

  1. Heh, your stereotypical secretary would only use it as a fingernail dryer. I also imagine it’ll be quite chilly. If they gave it a heating element it could double as a hair blower. Or as a cubicle heater. Or with a little more power you could have a toy helicopter. Create enough suction and use your mouse upside down on the ceiling. A mouse that inflates balloons for the next office party. Oh, the possibilities of things to put into a mouse. What will they think up next?

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