Optimus Pultius, When Maximus Is Just Too Much

Optimus Pultius, When Maximus Is Just Too Much

Optimus Pultius

By Evan Ackerman

If you have an ounce of sense and haven’t blown $1.5k on an Optimus Maximus keyboard, you can (eventually) satisfy your craving for bite-sized OLED buttons with the Optimus Pultius, a 15 key programmable OLED keyboard accessory and the latest promised offering from Art Lebedev. It’s functionally no different from the fullsize 113 OLED Maximus, using the same key hardware with the same configuration software and a USB port on the back. There’s no price announced yet, and the Pultius should be showing up by the end of this year.

It sort of seems like Art Lebedev is trying to milk their OLED keys for a little extra scratch, perhaps because the cost of the Optimus Maximus is so prohibitively high that I can’t imagine they’re flying off the shelves, despite the hype. But heck, what do I know… I do know that personally, if I want an OLED key fix, I’d just stick with the currently available and presumably cheaper Optimus Mini Three. Or better yet, some Siftables.

[ Art Lebedev ] VIA [ Optimus Livejournal ::cough:: ]

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  1. I’m working on a large upgrade to theatre organs. Your product interest me as a “smart stop” type device for changing the labels quickly for different playing sets. I would like more (technical) information about your product.

    Thanks, Ed

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