Optimus Prime Trans-Portable PC

Optimus Prime Trans-Portable PC (Image courtesy eToys)By Andrew Liszewski

The terms ‘laptop’ and ‘notebook’ computer are so yesterday. From now on I’m only going to refer to them as trans-portable PCs. And even though my own trans-portable PC doesn’t transform like this one, if it’s good enough for a poorly modernized version of Optimus Prime, then it’s good enough for me!

Your kids will probably feel the same way until they realize this is actually an educational toy that teaches math, spelling and Spanish. And they probably won’t be too thrilled to learn the only games included are Hangman, Word Jumble, Snake and other similarly ‘fun’ activities. I’m afraid that not even cool Transformer graphics, sound effects and a real QWERTY keyboard are enough to save Optimus from the discount bin.

It’s currently available from eToys for $29.99.

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