Optimus Mini Three Goes Wireless (Sort Of, Maybe)


By Evan Ackerman

If you can’t afford the Optimus Keyboard (and seriously, who can), you are currently able to sate your lust for programmable OLEDs with the Optimus Mini Three, which is a three buttoned/screened version costing a mere $150. According to the Art Lebedev blog, there is an Optimus Mini Three, version… Three… In the works. They say it’ll be “a completely new design,” called the “mini Tactus,” which will incorporate “one small sensor display divided into three (maybe more) zones.” Something with a touchscreen, maybe, if I know my Latin roots. It will also feature Bluetooth connectivity to get screen information from your computer, and will be “AC-powered.” So, um, it won’t be wireless at all? Maybe we’ll get some more updates, and some design tweaks, in the near future.

[ Optimus Blog ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

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