Optimus Alternative, The iKeyInfinity

By David Ponce

Ok… so maybe you’re getting tired of hearing about this. It’s crazy how quick people get sick of stuff on the internet… Oh well, you’ll have to deal with it. So anyway, a while back, geeks worldwide went bozongo at the news from Russian of a keyboard with fully reconfigurable OLED keys: the Optimus. Such a device would revolutionize keyboards as we know them, plus more than likely empty our wallets in the process.

Since it hit, the news was plagued by various reports that the product in question was nothing more than a concept, aka “Someone’s Pretty Imagining”. Well, there is now news of another company (also Russian apparently) knee deep in the development of a similar device, called the iKeyInfinity (they must have missed the memo where I’m getting sick and tired of the iEverything). And they, unlike the Optimus guys, have tons of pictures of what looks to be a real working prototype.

Admittedly, if you follow the links, you’ll find everything looks a little hackster-y. Mind you, though their website is far from being finished, you’ll also get a nice in-depth on the technology of the thing.

They claim to be ready for production in early 2006. Price, strangely, was left out of the picture.

Check out the website. Story VIA TUAW.

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