Optical Illusion Friday: That Dancing Girl Finally Makes Sense

By David Ponce

You’ve probably seen the above girl in those stupid ads that ask you “Are you right brained or left brained?” Or some such idiocy. But most people had a really hard time seeing the illusion. The above interpretation makes that easier. Look at the girl on the right, then on the left and hopefully you’ll notice the middle one changing directions. It doesn’t always work, but when it does it’s pretty awesome.

VIA [ Reddit ]

4 thoughts on “Optical Illusion Friday: That Dancing Girl Finally Makes Sense”

  1.  Yeah… I don’t know, I think some marketers tried to use this as a gimmick (like right handed, left handed) to bait you into clicking on their ads.  It has nothing to do with the illusion, but people might fall for it anyway.

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