OnStar Adds Remote Ignition Block To Its Anti-theft Arsenal

OnStar Console (Image courtesy General Motors)
By Andrew Liszewski

A couple of years ago General Motors added a new feature to its OnStar system that allowed law enforcement to remotely slow a stolen vehicle in order to prevent a dangerous high-speed car chase. And yesterday OnStar expanded its Stolen Vehicle Assistance toolset even further with the addition of another new feature called Remote Ignition Block which pretty much does just that.

An OnStar ‘Advisor’ can send a signal to a subscriber’s stolen vehicle which will prevent the vehicle from restarting once the ignition is turned off. Now the feature doesn’t guarantee your ride will get recovered or even prevent it from being stolen in the first place, but like the Stolen Vehicle Slowdown option it can be used to prevent a high speed pursuit and hinder a thief from making a clean getaway with your vehicle. Remote Ignition Block will be available on select GM 2009 and 2010 models in both the U.S. and Canada.

[ OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance ]

5 thoughts on “OnStar Adds Remote Ignition Block To Its Anti-theft Arsenal”

  1. Sounds more like another feature into annoying the theif into damaging your car. Get me something useful like taser shock steering wheel or poison gas release, not the equivalent of a remote radio control that locks into classical music stations only.

  2. to the guy above me… thats retarded. do you really want a car that could mal-function and kill you?!? its bad enough people are stupid enough to buy a car that can be turned off remotely. but to be killed by a stranger while driving? thats horrible. what if your spose was a cop, and you decided to get divorced? not everyone deals well with rejection. Plus the ammount of police brutality, mis-judgement and just bad people skills on the rise recently, do you REALLY want to give them the power to turn off your car?? remotely? let alone… shock your driving wheel or release poison gas..

    you sir are thoroughly retarded.

  3. to the guy above me… you must be retarded.
    do you really want a car that could kill you via remote control? Or worse yet just a straight up car mal function?? Not to mention how secure is any of this? Anything man made can be hacked or destroyed. So the fact people are stupid enough to let a cop have the power to slow down there car for any reason (it will go that far eventually) sickens me.
    What if your spouse is a cop and you want to get a divorce, some people handle rejection well others don't. Remember that astronaut lady who drove to florida in adult diapers cause stoping for 10 min. was unacceptable? Plus In this world of ever growing police brutality, mis-judgement and just bad people skills… how could anyone want to give them the power to slow your car down let alone shock you threw your steering wheel or killing you “with poision gas” by accident since they “pushed the wrong button” dont tell me it wouldnt happen, how many deaths are there because “we thought he had a gun” or “it looked like a gun” this whole idea is stupid and opens the door to all types of abuse in the future. you sir are thouroghly retarded.

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