ON/OFF Remote Light Switch

ON/OFF Remote Light Switch (Image courtesy Fosters.com)By Andrew Liszewski

There are plenty of home automation kits available that allow you to control everything from your window blinds to your lights but they always come with some big complicated remote that usually only one person in your house ever truly figures out.

From designer Tobias Wong comes this remote light switch that is basically as simple as it gets. Just attach the remote component to the light fixture you want to operate then turning it on and off is as simple as opening the lid on the ON/OFF box and flicking the switch. (It can be operated up to 100ft away.) Hopefully in this day and age everyone knows how to operate a light switch. In reality the size of this remote including the lucite box it?s mounted in is a built ridiculous but I think that?s half the appeal.

The Remote Switch is available from Fosters.com for $125.00.

[ ON/OFF Remote Switch @ Fosters.com ]