– Unless You Can Think Of A Better Way To Spend A Tuesday

One Mile Scroll (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Have you ever wondered how long it would take to scroll a full mile? Probably not, but it’s clear someone has, otherwise One wouldn’t exist. The site is pretty self-explanatory, it’s basically a webpage that’s just over a mile long with a scale of 1 inch for every 96 pixels. And to keep things interesting, along the way there are a series of red horizontal lines denoting the vertical height of everything from the iPhone, to Andre the Giant, to the Empire State Building. You can even submit your own objects to the list, but I’m pretty sure they have to go through an approval process before they get officially added to the site.

Now there’s no question that is nothing but a big waste of time, but oddly enough I found it to be as satisfying as finishing a 10K run. Or at least I imagine it to be as satisfying, since technically I’ve never run 10K, and I just used the HOME & END keys to navigate the site.

Thanks Meg!

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