One Today by Google: Baby Steps to a Better World

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Want to change the world? You’re not alone. Sometimes you get the feeling that you’re insignificant, because you’re just one in several billion currently inhabiting the planet. That’s where you’re wrong. It’s a cliche, but it’s true all the same: one can make a difference, you just have to have the courage to do so.

One way to get started is with One Today. It essentially features a non-profit project by reputable charities and organizations each day so you can make a pledge and make a difference. Because while you may be too busy to go out and do something, your contributions will be able to help those who are already on the field.

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– Donate simply: Support the projects you’re passionate about with one click.
– Spread the love: Easily share that good feeling with friends—get your donations matched, too.

Give a little, change a lot, and spread the world. You can download One Today from Google Play.


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