ONE Radiator – Style First, Heat Second

ONE Radiator (Image courtesy TUBOR spa)
By Andrew Liszewski

Besides everything the iPod can claim it’s done for MP3 players I think it can also claim some responsibility for the recent renaissance in product design. Sure Apple has been designing slick stuff for years but it was the popularity of the iPod that really caused other manufacturers to take notice.

So now we’re seeing clean and modern design sensibilities trickle down to even common household items like radiators. The ONE Radiator is designed to be a simple ‘monolithic’ object that not only looks great but provides other basic functionalities too. A built in digital display provides the time and date while colored lighting helps create a specific atmosphere in whatever room it’s installed. Oh it can also provide heat whether it’s via hot water or electricity.

The ONE is currently available from TUBOR spa (based in Italy) but I was unable to find any pricing info on their website. Needless to say it probably doesn’t come cheap.

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