High-Tech Beauty: Activate Gadgets With a Wink and a Smile

Conducive Makeup

How you control your devices might soon change, thanks in part to these developments by┬ácomputer scientist Katia Vega. Instead of actually manipulating your device or using a remote control, Vega envisions that people–specifically those who wear makeup–will be able to unlock or activate their devices by moving a certain part of their face. Not just any part, but parts where specialized makeup has been applied.

Apparently, Vega was able to come up with a method to integrate sensors and conductive elements to makeup. For example, when eyeshadow is applied to both the top and bottom of the person’s eye where metalized lashes have also been affixed, then a longer-than-usual blink will allow the sensors in the eyeshadow and lashes to connect, completing the circuit.

Aside from the eye makeup, Vega has also experimented on using fake nails to allow a DJ to do some “water DJ-ing” by the pool, with the fake nails on and with the surface of the water as the record.

Vega explains that the beauty-integrated tech allows “using our bod[ies] as a new input device.” Definitely interesting. What do you think?

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