One Addiction For Another: Nicotine Gel

By David Ponce

Cancer sticks are so yesterday. All the cool kids these days are rubbing themselves silly with Nicogel: nicotine gel!

It’s made by some company called Nicogel Limited, and it’s being marketed as “a new way to quit smoking”.


It’s a water soluble gel containing an aqueous extract of Nicotiana spp at 3mg/ml. And I think it gets under the radar of some regulatory body or other by billing itself as a “cosmetic”. Don’t quote me on that one, I may be wrong.

In any case, one push of the pump if you’re a light smoker and two if you’re an everyday chimney. The nicotine, unlike patches, gets in your system quickly. And a bottle is £9.99, or $18.

No word on whether using this instead of KY is frowned upon. I say, go for it!

The website’s here. Story VIA SNP.

4 thoughts on “One Addiction For Another: Nicotine Gel”

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  3. Well, you can get it a lot cheaper at the authorized distributor

    There is a site for Nicogel (r),

    Just to make it clear, because some people are posting erroneous information about this product on the web. This is not a bath gel. You carry it with you in your purse or pocket. You rub it when the urge to smoke strikes you, but you are in a place like a non-smoking restaurant, or a plane, and some people are using it as a cigarette replacement therapy (NRT), although it was not designed as such.

    Luckily, it is not a prescription medicine, it is classified as a cosmetic, so you can just buy it mail order and give it to friends as a Christmas Gift, or better make it year round, if their smoke bothers you.

    Send an email to us at [email protected] if you want to know more about NICOGEL, prices, etc. It IS cheaper to get it from this authorized distributor



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