Onaroo PBA (Personal Baby Assistant) (Images courtesy American Innovative)

Onaroo PBA (Personal Baby Assistant)

Onaroo PBA (Personal Baby Assistant) (Images courtesy American Innovative)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s not easy to write about a $50 device that can easily be replaced, and improved, by a $0.99 iPhone app, but I’ll try. The Onaroo is pegged as a PBA or ‘personal baby assistant’ and is essentially designed to serve as a data gathering PDA for households with a new arrival. It makes tracking info like nursing and sleep schedules, bottles, pumping, diapers, medicine, temperature, and growth slightly easier than with a coiled notebook and pen. But it’s clear advantage is its ability to display graphs of that data over time which is handy for doctor visits, or freaking out those overly paranoid parents.

The Onaroo syncs to your PC via a USB cable, and an included app will automatically upload the data to the PBA Online website (for free) which provides even more options for charting your child’s progress. The PBA itself also doubles as a reminder with timers and alarms that can be set to vibrate if you don’t want to interrupt a nap, and don’t mind going about your daily business with it clipped to your belt. But like I already said, even with the free online services it’s hard to justify the $49.95 for the Onaroo PBA. So here’s to hoping the company has a cheaper app alternative already in development.

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