On-Time Wall Clock Gives You Three Extra Minutes

On-Time Wall Clock Gives You Three Extra Minutes

On-Time Wall Clock (Images courtesy Rakuten)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you agree to play along, this clock from Italian clock maker Diamantini & Domeniconi can perpetually give you 3 extra minutes throughout your day. Granting the wish of anyone who’s ever wanted “just a few more minutes!” to get something done. As clocks go it’s got a fairly mundane design, with dots representing the numbers that usually appear around the circumference of the face. But what makes it stand out is the minute hand which bends at the end, making it point 3 minutes ahead. You’ll have to train yourself to look at where the crooked hand is actually pointing for it to be of any use to you. Not where the minute hand naturally directs your eye. But if you manage to fool yourself you may never be late for a meeting again.

It’s available from Rakuten for about $98 (¥7,875). And while I’m sure some of you will scoff at the price, you’re clearly forgetting the clock is giving you 3 more minutes of your precious life. (Also, the makers of the On-Time Wall Clock have asked us not to point out that you can simply set the minute hand on a $10 wall clock ahead 3 minutes for an even more convincing effect.)

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