On Time Device Disables Your Ride If You Don’t Make Your Car Payments

Sekurus On Time (Image courtesy USA TODAY)
By Andrew Liszewski

A company called Sekurus has developed a device called the On Time which will actually force a new car owner to make their scheduled payments or face the risk of the vehicle not starting. The devices run about $250 and are typically installed by car dealerships or finance companies who cater to buyers who don’t have the most exemplary of credit histories. When a payment on the vehicle is nearly due, an LED light on the box starts to blink. On the actual deadline day it will start to make an annoying beeping noise as well. If the owner makes the payment, the lender provides them with a six-digit code they can punch in which will disable the alerts. If they fail to make that payment, the vehicle simply won’t start. And if they continue to avoid paying up, they’ll soon get a visit from the repo man. And I don’t mean Emilio Estevez either.

[ High-tech gear disables car if borrower misses payment ] VIA [ Gear Diary ]

9 thoughts on “On Time Device Disables Your Ride If You Don’t Make Your Car Payments”

  1. That’s only 4096 combinations… and that doesn’t discount the possibility of 1-2-3-4-1-2-3 counting as both 123412 and 234123.

  2. thats still alot of combinations. also it would be easy to program the box to disable everything after 3 tries and reset only after 3 hours. or never reset at all until the dealer inputs some sort of secret code or use a key then input the real code to make the car function again.

    but then again. why waste time inputing all the codes in when you can just cut the wires of the box and connect the disconnected wires to where they belong in the inition. (im sure that how it works. sort of a switch for the ignition)

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