Olympus DM-620 PCM Recorder (Images courtesy Olympus)

Olympus DM-620 Recorder Includes A Third Mic For Capturing Lower Bass Ranges

Olympus DM-620 PCM Recorder (Images courtesy Olympus)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not that it makes the announcement particularly exciting, but yesterday Olympus revealed a new pocket PCM recorder called the DM-620 featuring the company’s ‘TRESMIC system’ which essentially adds an omni-directional mic in-between the standard set of stereo condenser mics to capture bass ranges as low as 20Hz. It of course results in a higher-quality recording which makes it easier to understand what’s being said when it comes to transcribing notes or interviews.

It’s also got 4GB of on-board memory which is infinitely expandable via SD cards, captures to WAV, MP3 and WMA audio formats, has built-in noise cancellation, a zoom mic function for focusing the sound capture to a specific source and a low-cut filter for eliminating lower frequencies when they become a nuisance. There’s even an optional wireless remote for when you need to park the recorder in front of a speaker but can’t be there to turn it on or off, and is powered by 2 rechargeable AAA batteries which are easy to replace in a pinch. Available starting mid-March for $149.99.

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