OLO Turns Your iPhone Into Something Useful

By Evan Ackerman

Disclosure: I don’t have an iPhone. But, I know people who do. As far as I can tell, none of them use their iPhones for much besides demonstrating to other people how cool their iPhones are. OLO Computer is trying to solve this gigantic and obvious uselessness problem with the iPhone by endowing it with a real keyboard and a largeish LCD. Despite the laptop form factor, the OLO doesn’t appear to have any guts inside it. All it is, is an alternate input and output system for your iPhone, which does all the hard work while also doubling as a multitouch trackpad.

Details on the OLO are pretty much limited to the picture, and the slogan “sorry, but your PC is out!” Whatever that means. It’s a good idea, but I’m skeptical, since it looks like there’d have to be some pretty serious hardware and software integration with Apple’s precious, and Apple doesn’t like people messing with Apple’s precioussssss that much.