(Updated) OhGizmo T-Shirt Design Contest – There’s Still Time!

By David Ponce

As of writing, there are about 36 hours left before the deadline on our T-Shirt design contest. We’ve received a good number of entries, a few of which are actually good, but I’m sure there’s more to come. Remember, up for grabs is an Oberon watch from Tokyoflash, a Neuros OSD and $200 of cold hard cash. Plus the pride of being the one who designed the OhGizmo T-Shirt.

So, that deadline again is 11:59PM, Eastern time.

Update: As someone pointed out in an email, maybe I should have included instructions on how to submit. Just send a small snapshot to ogcontests at gmail. If we select you, be prepared to have a PSD or vector file of your design.