OhGizmo! Review – Wicked Audio Reverb Headphones

By Caitlyn Muncy

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of headphones with great quality, look no further.

Wicked Audio Reverb Headphones has amazing audio quality for a low price, and can handle a good amount of sound without being so loud as to bother Joe schmoe sitting next to you. Surprisingly, this quality doesn’t come at a terribly high price, as it only sets you back about 20 bucks, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

These headphones are covered in street style graffiti and come in red, blue, and white color schemes. Inside the box, you’ll find an initial four-foot cord on the headphones, and an additional six feet of extension with a fourth-inch audio adapter. With a frequency ranging from twenty to twenty thousand hertz and thirty-two ohm impedance.

At first look, I thought I would have to trudge through time on a crap pair of headphones. The colors and designs were not my style, and its lightweight hollow plastic made me think that sound was going to go in and leak out. How very wrong I was! Making sure the headphones had been plugged in and it wasn’t just my speakers turned up to an insane level, it was quite the delight to hear every note and voice as crisply as if the musicians were right in front of me. This pair handles bass extraordinarily well, but you lose some of the highs and mids are a little sketchy sometimes. They are quite comfy for extended listening, but a big turnoff was that they don’t have a volume adjustment on the cord.

The few qualms I have with this headset really don’t impede the sound to any terrific degree. Other than that, this is a good pair of headphones for a decent price. ($20)

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