OhGizmo! Review – Ten One Particle iPad Case With Pogo Stylus

OhGizmo! Review – Ten One Particle iPad Case With Pogo Stylus

By Caitlyn Muncy

We all love to doodle on an iPad with our fingers as it brings back memories of the simple times of finger painting and building blocks. However, a stylus can come in super handy when you want a bit more control whilst writing on your fancy tablet. A cumbersome problem upon purchasing said stylus is that you have no way of attaching it to your iPad to keep track of it. This can be a very expensive pencil to lose, as they usually run for about $15 apiece. Ten One’s handy dandy product called the Particle Case solves just such a problem for those of you that want to use a stylus, but fear you might lose it a little too easily.

This rubbery black rectangle keeps the most exposed areas of your iPad safe, and has a little grippy thing for your stylus as well. The open back keeps your iPad nice and cool, and doesn’t add much weight to it. There are four little rubber feet on the bottom to provide some distance from whatever surface you may have it on. It is a bit awkward to store if it’s not in use as it’s not paper-thin and made of rubber, but it’s not as though it takes up much space.

This isn’t a particularly useful case in my opinion, but I am on the go pretty much constantly, and as I have to put my iPad in and out of a bag constantly, the stylus still has a chance of falling off, as it’s not really death gripped inside of the holster on the side. If you like to just prop it up and doodle or write with it on a flat surface, then it’s great for walking around the house and not having to constantly having to keep track of the stylus. If you put it on a stand, or constantly are on the run, however, you’ll want a case with more protection, and a carrying container for your stylus so you know you won’t lose it. Buying it from the site will cost you about $35, but you can find it for less elsewhere.

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