OhGizmo! Review – iLuv iPhone 4 Cases

By Caitlyn Muncy

We recently received a few cases from iLuv, which I was very excited about…at first. Upon opening the package, I saw that we had received three different kinds of cases falling under the name of: Glacier, Spectrum, and Silk. Catchy names for pretty much the same case with slight differences.

The Spectrum is a silicone case that comes in a variety of colors, and although its squishy, silky feel is appealing, its ability to stay on the phone was not so great. It can take a hit on the sides and back, but the case slides off the corners easily. It is extremely comfortable, and can save your phone from a little damage, but as an overall case I wouldn’t recommend it.

The Silk and Glacier version can easily be lumped into one category as their only real differences are that one is clear, and has a glossy plastic feel, and the other is a see-through color with a smooth outer surface. They both hold the phone in place via tension and a miniscule lip that catches onto the metallic part of your mobile device. The face plate of glass is completely exposed on all sides. All of their cases do come with a screen protector, but with no side to cover up the edges, this will peel off much faster than it would with a different case. It also has “iLuv” tattooed in giant letters on the back which just looks obnoxious as you can still see the lettering on the back of the phone and they lay on top of one another.

These cases generally run about $15 brand new, but when looking on the web I found them for about 4 or 5 a piece. Overall these cases are not worth putting the money into, because you’ll likely need a new phone if you rely on these.

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