OhGizmo! Review – Ballistic HC iPhone 4 Case

By Caitlyn Muncy

Have you ever dropped your phone and that moment of absolute panic, thinking the worst may have happened? Here is a case that will cure clumsiness with a phone and make sure you don’t have to worry if your phone takes a fall.

The Ballistic HC series case has four layers of drop-proof protection. If you just bought a new iPhone 4, you need this case to keep your phone in tip-top shape. With about ¾ of an inch of protection, there’s more casing than phone, and that means you could throw your phone at a wall, and it will survive with zero damage.

This video is not for the apple-lover faint of heart.

The four layers of protection begin with a black shock absorbent polymer in a rectangle that will sit on the backside of your phone in the case. The second layer is a polycarbonate shell that comes in either gray or light pink. The third layer is an additional layer of the shock absorbent polymer on the back of the shell and a sort of checker pattern on the sides of the phone with reinforced corners. (We all know that the phone will fall on it’s corner, trying to break the phone apart to spite us…don’t laugh…it’s true) The fourth layer consists of a squishy silicone “slip cover” of sorts which has three port covers which will prevent dust from making it’s home. This layer will fit all three layers of initial protection, and your phone of course.

There is technically a fifth layer of protection as this case comes with a built in screen protector. This clear plastic is a little thick, which requires a tiny fraction of a pound more pressure, but the face of your phone is guaranteed to be free of harm. If all this wasn’t enough, they even give you a belt holster made of thick plastic, which rotates 180 degrees. **Do NOT try test-throwing your phone in this holster, the other layers are built to take the damage, while the holster is not.

This is an extremely durable case that will have your phone looking brand new long after the initial purchase. My complaints have to do with it’s bulkiness and my inability to glide my finger across the phone face without clipping the silicone cover, but the protection it provides makes it worthwhile. This whole compilation of coverings will only cost you about $50, and will keep your phone safe from any type of fall related damage it may come across.

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