OhGizmo! Quick Review – The LG Flatron E2290, World’s Thinnest Monitor

OhGizmo! Quick Review – The LG Flatron E2290, World’s Thinnest Monitor

By David Ponce

For the last couple weeks I’ve been reviewing the LG Flatron E2290, billed as the world’s thinnest monitor. Let me tell you, it’s really, really thin. And unlike overly skinny fashion models, thin is in for monitors. At just a hair over 0.25 inches, the thing nearly disappears when viewed sideways. It’s covered in a chrome finish and has mostly rounded edges. The base is wide and solid, and covered in touch sensitive buttons to access the OnScreen Display (OSD). The OSD is comprehensive and one of the best I’ve seen in a monitor.

As you can see in the pictures, the E2290 simply looks great. But how does it perform? We don’t have the equipment to perform accurate color and brightness measurements, but I can attest to the fact that it makes the image on my previous monitor look as bad as monochrome CRTs. Blacks are deep and uniform and whites are very bright. The horizontal viewing angle is very wide and there is very little color distortion as you move from side to side. The distortion is a little more pronounced on the vertical but still very acceptable. It features a native resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 and has DVI, VGA and HDMI connectors which are in the base rather than on the monitor itself. The are recessed by about 2 inches, making accessing them a little difficult. But this has to be done only once so it isn’t a huge issue. The response time is a very good 2ms.

It’s a 21.5 inch display and costs about $350. This is a premium over similarly sized models, but given the device’s aesthetics and performance, we feel it’s not unreasonable. If you have a living/working space that is already sleek and modern and are looking for a monitor that will fit right in, this is your choice.

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