OhGizmo! Lightning Review: The Puffit Vaporizer


No matter how free and open minded the society you live in is, there are times when lighting up can be frowned upon. Not to mention the byproducts of combustion are carcinogenic, and often painful in the lungs. So, more and more people are turning towards vaporizers, since they get the job done without actually burning anything; there’s less smell and no traditional “smoke” to speak of. The Puffit vaporizer from the company DiscreetVape is designed to look inconspicuous, allowing you to consume your herb of choice in settings you normally would not. The following is a quick run down of my impressions with the device.

The Puffit mimics the look of a bronchodilator, also known as an inhaler. That’s the device you see asthma patients use when they get an attack, and its use in a public setting never raises an eyebrow. That’s clearly the intent behind the Puffit; it allows you to take it out in public and “puff”, while people think you’re getting your medicine. Heck… maybe you even are!

It’s solidly constructed, and the vaporization chamber is lined with gold, presumably to not taint the process with metals of any sort. The vaporization chamber is a thimble-sized compartment located at the top of the device, beneath a screw-lid. The idea is that your finely ground herbs go inside this chamber, and at the press of the lid (once you’ve closed it), the whole chamber heats up and vaporizes the chemicals you want, while not igniting the ones you don’t.

There are 8 temperature settings, and depending on your particular blend, the temperature required may vary. Each press of the lid heats the chamber up for a few seconds and allows for one or two “hits”, which you take through the mouthpiece, just as you would a bronchodilator. A bright LED on the front of the device alerts you to its different settings: when it’s heating, when it’s recharging, etc.

You charge the Puffit through a USB cable, and a full charge is good for about 20-30 “hits”. It comes with a flexible carry case, which is handy because you’ll discover there’s a fair number of accessories that you need to carry around.

I can say that it does what it claims to do, and it does it well. It doesn’t feel cheap, from the packaging to the materials used. Even the magnetic mouthpiece cap speaks volumes about the quality of the craftsmanship.

It’s $139, and if you’re a fan of vaping and wish you could do it in more places without attracting attention, it’s money well spent.

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  1. you forgot to mention the handy car exhaust adapter for those health nuts that want to rail on about the dangers of smoking while they idle their cars at redlights….just saying….i once did a study on the equivalent pollution index of cars vs cigarettes in 1 city of 2 million people….did you know it takes 300 million smokers at a pack a day to equal the amount of pollution put out by all I C D’s( ICD is ” internal combustion device which includes all cars trucks planes trains ships jets lawnmowers you get the picture ) in 1 city ( vancouver bc canada ) …..thats right 300 million x 365 packs over 1 year… to equal 1 days worth of combustion exhaust….just saying

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