Oh No! Etch A Sketch Wired

Etch A Sketch Wired (Images courtesy The Lighter Side Co.)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Etch A Sketch was one of those toys that required a lot of perseverance to play with. While the simple two-knob interface was easy to use, it made most attempts at drawing anything that wasn’t entirely composed of right angles very difficult. So those rare times you did produce something even remotely resembling a curve, it made you feel like you’d just conquered Everest.

But I must admit I’m a little sad to see this new ‘Wired’ version of the toy which in my opinion, takes some of the fun out of it. In addition to just drawing, the new version includes traceable templates (cheaters!) a connect the dots option, and even allows to you add color to your creations. (Sacrilege!) On the plus side the wired controller still includes the ‘shake to erase’ functionality, but I’m still not sold.

You can find the Etch A Sketch Wired at The Lighter Side Co. for just $12.98.

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