OGIO Shling Strap

Ogio Shling (Image courtest Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

Once you get that laptop bag loaded up with all your gadgets, gear and hardware it can get pretty heavy. And at times, even with a wide cushioning pad, that shoulder strap can start to feel like a razor wire cutting into you.

The Shling from OGIO is a different take on the shoulder strap designed to spread the weight of the bag across your entire back instead of it resting on only one shoulder. While you’re definitely going to stand out while wearing the Shling the advantages of no back pain and the apparent ease of slinging this strap over your shoulder just might be worth it.

The Shling shoulder strap seems to be available on certain bags in the OGIO product line and the laptop bag pictured here retails for about $200.

[OGIO Shling] VIA [Popular Science]

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  1. That is so cool. I used to have something like this back in school. I think it was called a “backpack”. It was a little less complicated.

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