OGCC Day 9 – Newspaper Log Roller

Newspaper Log Roller (Image courtesy Amazon.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 9 (Image property of OhGizmo!)Last year on the OGCC we featured a device for turning your stacks of old newspapers into fireplace-ready paper bricks, and this year we bring you a similar contraption that makes it even easier to turn them into more traditional paper logs.

Ok, so maybe ‘contraption’ is a bit generous given it appears to be nothing more than a metal rod with a crank handle on one end, but in theory if you manage to roll the newspaper tight enough, and secure it with something that isn’t going to burn away in the first minute, these paper logs should burn considerably longer than if you were to just toss crumpled up newsprint into your fireplace. Who says print is dead?

The Newspaper Log Roller is available from Amazon.com for $57.50, though I don’t see why a simple wooden dowel or broom handle wouldn’t be about 99% as effective.

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