OGCC Day 7 – Santa’s Magic Blowout Ornament

Santa's Magic Blowout Christmas Ornament (Image courtesy MerlinsBox)By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 7 (Image property of OhGizmo!)Now honestly, who doesn’t secretly wish they could turn off all the lights on their Christmas tree simply by blowing on it?… Fortunately, I couldn’t think of anyone either, but if you know someone who does, there’s now a unique ornament to make that wish come true.

Once Santa is wired into your tree’s lighting system, all you have to do is blow on the ornament to turn off all the lights. While it seems kind of lame, I guess it could make for a neat party trick in a room full of inebriated guests, or an easier way to shut them off at night. And turning them back on again is as easy as pushing a button on the front of the chimney.

I just wished the thing wasn’t so full of innuendo and double entendres. For example, take this line from the website where it’s available for sale.“Watch with amazement as friends and family turn off the Christmas tree lights by just blowing on Santa‚Äôs magic candle.” Something tells me if I was watching friends and family interacting with Santa’s ‘magic candle’ it wouldn’t be a look of amazement on my face. More horror, and possibly disgust.

But if you’re far more mature than I am, the Magic Blowout Ornament is available from MerlinsBox for $24.99.

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