OGCC Day 6 – Deck The Halls With Pokemon?

Pokemon Christmas Decorations (Image courtesy Siliconera)
By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 6 (Image property of OhGizmo!)It’s not that uncommon to see pop-culture icons like Mickey Mouse or Homer Simpson replacing Santa Claus when it comes to Christmas decorations. But something just doesn’t feel right about these light-up Pokemon ones.

I know they’ve somehow managed to stay popular for many years now, but I’m afraid I just don’t associate them with the holiday season. In fact I’m pretty sure you have to do at least a couple of Christmas-themed holiday specials to even be considered for decoration fodder, and to the best of my knowledge, Pokemon has not.

And while I know enough about the games and cartoon to recognize Pikachu on the far left, I’m afraid I have no idea who the other three are, nor do I have any desire to look through thousand of photos online to find their names. So instead, based on the Pokemon naming conventions I’m just going to call them Birdblue, Twigthing and Charles.

But if you live anywhere except Japan, don’t bother looking for these since that photo was taken at the Shibuya 109 shopping complex in Tokyo.

[ Have a holly jolly pokemas ] VIA [ Kotaku ]