OGCC Day 4 – Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside Down Christmas Tree (Image courtesy The Lighter Side Co.)By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 4 (Image property of OhGizmo)My parents got a golden retriever at the end of the summer a few years back which meant that by the time Christmas rolled around he was still an energetic puppy who would gladly chew on anything and everything he could find. As a result my parents were quite worried about putting up a Christmas tree because they didn’t want him having easy access to glass ornaments and the like. Thankfully to our surprise once the tree was all setup he gave it one sniff and completely ignored it after that.

Of course puppies aren’t the only enemy of lavishly decorated trees, infants and toddlers can be a problem too so one solution is to setup an upside down Christmas tree instead. Not only does it help keep the majority of ornaments out of the reach of little ones but it also puts them up at eye-level for adults to enjoy without having to bend over. It’s also great for smaller living rooms as it can easily be placed between two armchairs thanks to its unique shape. At the least it will make for a great conversation piece at your Christmas party.

The Upside Down Christmas tree is available from The Lighter Side Co. for $129.98.

[ Upside Down Christmas Tree @ The Lighter Side Co. ]

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  1. Rather than spending $130, why not just hang the ornaments up higher and save yourself the embarrassment of having a stupid upside-down Christmas tree?

    I can’t believe someone wasted neural power coming up with something like this…

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