OGCC Day 24 – Indoor Recycling Snow Machine

Recycling Snow Machine (Image courtesy SmartHome)By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 24 (Image property of OhGizmo)I promised I would try and save some of the best stuff for the last few days of the Christmas countdown and in my opinion this one really fits the bill. Given the unseasonably warm weather most of the continent has been enjoying there’s a good chance a lot of us will not have snow at Christmas, unless of course you can get your hands on one of these.

The Recycling Snow Machine gently blows fake snow over anything you set it up near but at this time of year placing it near a fully decorated Christmas tree would probably get the best reactions. The system comes with a 2lb bag of faux snow which they claim will keep it running throughout the holidays since the snow is constantly being recycled. Unfortunately the site is lacking in a good picture of all the hardware but it apparently consists of a blower tube that’s run up behind the tree in conjunction with a 9-foot wide base that houses the motor and fans. The snow comes firing up out of the tube and then falls back down onto the wide base where it’s automatically collected and sent back up the tube again. I assume when using the machine in conjunction with a tree quite a bit of the fake snow gets stuck in the branches but extra bags can be bought just in case.

The Recycling Snow Machine is currently available from SmartHome for $199.99 though at the time of writing it appears to be on sale for only $109.99. It’s not a bad price except for the fact that extra 2lb bags of the fake snow it uses will set you back another $54.99.

And if you’re really interested in seeing this machine in action just watch this WMV clip of it from the SmartHome site.

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