OGCC Day 23 – How To Wrap Those Gadget Gifts

Wrapping Materials (Images courtesy ThinkGeek, X-Treme Geek & Atypyk)
By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 23 (Image property of OhGizmo!)Hopefully by now you’ve got all your gift shopping done, and since Christmas is just a few days away you’re probably now spending your time getting everything wrapped. So here’s a few suggestions that will make the process a bit easier, a bit more festive and most importantly, a bit more geeky.

First off, ThinkGeek sells a small selection of what they refer to as ‘Geeky Wrapping Paper’ and there’s really no better description for them. The designs include ChristmasBots, Binary, Equations, Emoticons, Non-Denominational and even a geeky Birthday paper for all those other gift-giving occasions throughout the year. Each design is just $5.99 from ThinkGeek and that includes 4, 20 inch x 30 inch sheets.

But once you’ve got the wrapping paper selected you need to get it cut down to match the size of today’s miniaturized electronics. And that’s where the Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter comes in. It uses a recessed blade and has an easy to push form factor that makes cutting long sections of wrapping paper safer and cleaner than with scissors. It’s available from X-Treme Geek for $8.97.

Finally, once you’ve got the present wrapped you need to tape all those seams down, so why settle for boring clear tape when you can get this awesome Tinsel Tape instead? Granted, it is just clear tape that’s been embedded with festive silver tinsel, but it should instantly take any gift from being somewhat tasteful, to fantastically tacky! It’s available from Atypyk for $12.60 a roll.

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