OGCC Day 21 – INSTEON Holiday Lighting Wireless Remote Kit

INSTEON Holiday Lighting Starter Kit (Image courtesy Smarthome)
By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 21 (Image property of OhGizmo!)Setting up elaborate Christmas lighting and decorations on your front lawn loses some of its appeal when you have to go outside every night to turn them on or off. So next year I suggest adding this INSTEON wireless remote system as part of your holiday decorating, even before you begin untangling the lights.

From what I can tell, the INSTEON ApplianceLinc power adapters (on the left) sit between the device being plugged in and the power outlet, and allow you to remotely turn it on and off. If the device happens to be a light of some sort, you can even use the remote to dim them from afar. The RemoteLinc controller (middle) actually supports up to 417 INSTEON devices at one time, and you can program groups of devices to make it easy to keep track of what’s plugged in where. Finally, there’s the INSTEON Access Points (on the right) which can take RF commands from the RemoteLinc controller, and transmit them through your homes power lines to devices like the ApplianceLinc which don’t have RF receivers.

The INSTEON Holiday Lighting Starter Kit is available from Smarthome for $89.99 and includes everything seen in the photo. Additional ApplianceLinc connectors are available for $34.99 while the Access Points are $39.99.

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