OGCC Day 19 – Space Invaders Themed Scarf With Knitted QR-Codes

The Invader Scarf (Images courtesy Lendorff Kaywa)
By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 19 (Image property of OhGizmo!)How do you make an every day item like a knitted scarf appeal to the geeky masses? Well not only do you give it a Space Invaders theme complete with alien bad guys and a scoreboard, but you also include a couple of QR-Codes that are actually incorporated into the knit pattern.

For those who aren’t familiar with QR (or Quick Response) codes, they’re basically a two-dimensional bar code that can be added to any physical product and act like a website link. To access the link you just point a camera equipped phone (or PDA) that has QR reading software installed, and you’ll automatically be taken to a website that somehow corresponds to the product in question. I have no idea what website or data the QR-Codes on this scarf contain, but it seems they might actually differ from scarf to scarf.

The Invader Scarf is available from Lendorff Kaywa for about $66, but if you’re interested you better hurry since they’re limited to just 500 scarves.

[ The Invader Scarf ] VIA [ Kotaku ]